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Frequently Asked Questions
Q1. Does PopTray support webmail (Hotmail,Yahoo,etc.)?
A1. Not by default. PopTray is written to specifically support POP3 mail servers. With the introduction of protocol plug-ins in PopTray 3.0 anybody can now write plugins to support other mail protocols. A Hotmail plugin is available for download from the PopTray website.

Q2. The reply/new buttons don't open the specified e-mail program.
A2. This is how PopTray is designed. Since it supports any e-mail client, it cannot know how to specify a reply by just knowing the executable file. Therefore it uses either a "mailto:" link, or Simple-MAPI (depending on the option), which will open your default e-mail client.

Q3. Can I setup Poptray to run in a multi-user environment?
A3. Yes. PopTray saves all its settings in PopTray.ini file. You can specify a different directory for the file on the command-line. By using the command-line
"C:\Program Files\PopTray\PopTray.exe" "%USERPROFILE%"
"C:\Program Files\PopTray\PopTray.exe" "%HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%"
your PopTray.ini file will be created in your user home directory, which is different for each user on the PC.