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User Quotes
Edward Mendelson
Contributing Editor
PC Magazine (USA)
PopTray 2.1 is magnificent - the best free Windows software I've ever seen (and I've seen a lot!).
I see a *lot* of software, and this one really is a unique example of superb design, where every feature is useful, and the thoughtfulness of the whole design is deeply impressive.
TheVoodoo Ok, I also tried allmost all mail notification tools, but i really never seen any better than poptray 1.5 xx. But thats not all, it is still getting better and better.
It's extremly configurable but also looks userfriendly and is simple to use. It works on W9x,NT,2k and XP and it has all you ever wanted to see in a POP mail notification program.
bastiaan van rooden you know i checked about 40 (!) notification utilities, but i never found a perfect one.
your tool is the best.
Computer Bob ... I've tested a lot of different POPmail checkers over the years, and PopTray is the best one I've found!
Curtz It works like a dream!
I guess we are all looking forward to the further development of PopTray, but I will save a copy of v2.0! It is the best of its kind, only because the programmer knows exactly what PopTray's purpose is, and doesnt try to make everybody happy with hundreds of small features and options.
Ido Simply say it: It's the ultimate mail checker solution
||Canadian|| Nice!!
Congratulations on a job very well done! It's a wonder you don't charge for PopTray...
Ken {Canada} I have been looking for a program like yours for over a week. All the rest were incomplete, didn't work as advertised or were just too expensive. Yours is head and shoulders above them all!! Even the expensive ones. You deserve a big pat on the back. Thank you again!
Mark Smitka Thank you very much for providing Pop Tray - and free at that! It's the best most reliable pop mail checker since the old original e-mail notify (like 1996 vintage, I think). There are dozens and dozens of others (I've registered some), and *all* of them are either buggy or resource hogs. Pop-Tray is well behaved, and does the job!
Greg "The one and only e-mail checker"
My 5-year search for the ultimate e-mail checker is over. PopTray has only the features everyone needs, uses almost no memory and is easy to configure and use. I must have tried 50 e-mail checkers and none of them could ever even compete with PopTray.
syntholik I Just wanted to say nice job on PopTray! This may not have been the first utility of its kind but it is certainly the first one to get it right.