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Plug-ins Now Supported
PopTray 3.0 (and later) now supports plug-ins. At the moment there are two types of plugins (Protocol, Notify) with more types to follow in future versions of PopTray.

Just install any of the plugins to your PopTray directory and enable it from the options tab in PopTray. Plug-ins can have their own options, so right-click the plug-in to access the options.

Any programmers that want to release their own plug-ins can contact me. If you release it as Open-Source I can host it for download (on SourceForge) and all plug-ins will be listed on this page.

Name Version Author Description Install Source
Examples 0.6 (beta) Renier Plug-in Examples written in Delphi, for programmers to see how the plug-in interface works. Not production quality.

It includes the following plug-ins:
Protocol plug-ins:
  POP3 with SSL or APOP
  IMAP4 with SSL
  Notify plug-ins:
  Keyboard Lights
(724 KB)
(15 KB)
Hotmail beta 10 LegoBas Written by LegoBas (in C++), this a beta version of a Hotmail plugin. Download Download
Screen Saver 0.1 (beta) Renier This is a beta version of a Screen Saver plugin. The plugin work together with the supplied screen saver to show you how many new mail messages you have in each account. Works best with PopTray 3.1 and later. Download Download
IMAP 01.2004.jul.20 eyebex This third approach of an IMAP plug-in (written in C++) hopes to solve some issues that both Renier's (from the Delphi plug-in examples package) and mjeveritt's plug-in suffered from due to the Indy IMAP component they used. Supports both IMAP and IMAP over SSL.

No installer included, so you have to manually copy the DLL to your plugins directory.
PackRat 0.1 (beta) Renier This plugin will store all the emails that PopTray downloads while checking to a PackRat directory on your harddrive. This will only work if the option "Download Body while Checking" is switched on. Download Download
Microsoft Speech 1.0 James R. Skinner This plugin will audibly tell you when you have new emails. You can configure it to tell you the total number of new emails, new and unread emails, the list of senders, or the list of senders and the subjects of their emails. Website ...

More plug-ins
Even more plug-ins are available on the Source-Forge download page.
On that page you can also download an SDK for developing plugins using C++ or Delphi.