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Version History
 (+) New feature
 (*) Changed feature
 (-) Bug fixed

3.0.3		2004-02-29
	(+) "Spam Last" sort option (thanks to Rob Hulswit).
	(+) New mouse action: "Stop Checking".
	(+) "Stop Checking" added to right-click menu and toolbar customize.
	(*) Stop button stops all accounts.
	(*) Reset Global Timer when clicking "Check All".
	(*) Messages keyboard selectable using Ctrl and Space.
	(*) Pressing Enter on a Message shows preview.
	(-) Ignore Indy "@ Outside Address" error.
	(-) Preview body was terminated after a only "." on a line.
	(-) Advanced Info was blank when new messages and msgs deleted by rules.
	(-) "Show window on notify" marked messages as viewed while PT open.

3.0.2		2003-12-07
	(*) Removed "Donation" button.
	(*) UM_PROCESS_MESSAGE for non-Delphi plug-ins.

3.0.1		2003-11-15
	(+) Translations Added: Serbian, Estonian.
	(*) Changed "Reset Tray" option wording.
	(*) Preview: Hide attachments when viewing Raw Message.
	(*) Preview: Remember Body/Raw tab.
	(-) Empty From (Address) was white listed when blank line in WhiteList.
	(-) Replace Tab character with space when writing subject to Rules.log.
	(-) Translate "NoName" and "Rule".

3.0			2003-10-13
	(+) Released !!

3.0 (beta 16) RC4	2003-10-08
	(*) Shortcut keys for Mark/Unmark Spam.
	(*) Swap direction of sort arrows (same as Windows Explorer).
	(-) "Don't Check between" didn't work across midnight.
	(-) First Rule on WinNT gave "List index out of bounds (-1)".
	(-) Clean-up unused terms in blank translation file.
	(-) Translate Languages in About.
	(-) Size column stay right-aligned when sorted.
	(-) Unmark as Spam when selecting to add to WhiteList.
	(-) Double-height toolbar.
	(-) Minor visual fixes.

3.0 (beta 15) RC3	2003-09-28
	(+) Added "LastErrorMsg" to Protocol Plug-ins interface for C++.
	(*) Moved languages and sounds to a sub-directory.
	(*) Disable Server and Port box when plug-in doesn't supply port.
	(-) Better enabling and disabling of account settings.
	(-) Always Refresh plug-ins when viewing them in options.
	(-) Ignore when plug-in not found.
	(-) ProcessHeader exceptions ignored when "Ignore Retrieve Errors" set.
	(-) Error while deleting didn't update icon and statusbar.
	(-) Minor display glitches on WinXP fixed.

3.0 (beta 14) RC2	2003-09-21
	(+) Added APOP to POP3SSL plug-in.
	(+) Send MsgHeader and MsgBody to Notify plugins.
	(*) Use TrueColor icons on tabs in Win9x/Win2000 too.
	(*) All Files filter in account email client open dialog.
	(-) About tab visual bugs fixed.
	(-) Translate Advanced Info form.
	(-) Translate "KB".
	(-) Show only new messages in important balloon.
	(-) Don't count ignored messages if hidden.

3.0 (beta 13) RC1	2003-09-14
	(*) Set "Quick Checking" and "Safe Delete" on by default.
	(*) Remember if account supports UIDL between checks.
	(*) Warning when deleting and account doesn't support UIDL.
	(*) Sort Image on column instead of +/- on caption.
	(*) Subject sorting ignores "Re:", "Fwd:", etc.
	(*) Changed PopTray logo on About tab.
	(*) Split French translation into "French" and "French (Canada)".
	(-) Message had no icon when invalid priority.
	(-) Change cursor to HourGlass while "Test Account".
	(-) "Incompatible Plugin" messages set to "Stay On Top".
	(-) Mark message as spam when right-click add to blacklist.
	(-) Read Timeout implemented when no response from server after connect.
	(-) Close preview window after retrieve error.
	(-) Fixed accelerator keys.
	(-) Delete White/Black list file when list empty.

3.0 (beta 12)		2003-09-07
	(+) Test Account (show server software and UIDL response).
	(*) Changed plugin interface to "stdcall" for C++ compatibility.
	(*) Changed execute program restore mode from SW_SHOW to SW_NORMAL.
	(*) Different tab icon when account has unviewed messages.
	(-) KeyboardLights: Switch off scroll-lock when running email client.
	(-) Bug in Indy message processing when body contains "--" on a line.
	(-) Wrong message icon in Advanced Info.
	(-) Kept adding body to rule criteria when switching option (translated).

3.0 (beta 11)		2003-08-31
	(+) Retrieve body if message smaller than a specified size (option).
	(*) Removed viewed icon, and replaced with bold/normal text.
	(-) "No Sort" resorts messages into order on the server.
	(-) Translate Column popup menu.
	(-) Untranslatable term fixed in Advanced Options.
	(-) Two important rules fired, showed message twice in balloon.
	(-) Important Balloon: Didn't show from address if no name.
	(-) Important messages not marked as spam.
	(-) Reply with MAPI was sometimes just ignored.

3.0 (beta 10)		2003-08-24
	(+) Retrieve body while checking (option).
	(+) Rules can look in body if above option ticked.
	(+) New Spam DropDown button.
	(+) New rule action to Protect messages from auto-delete/spam-mark.
	(+) Started an FAQ in the help file and on the website.
	(*) "Del" key press in rule list will delete rule.
	(*) Better handling of balloon info on Win9x.
	(*) Status icon for Protected/WhiteList messages.
	(-) Sort direction wasn't saved correctly.
	(-) Only save customize file if toolbar customize dialog opened.
	(-) Strip comments and blank lines when loading translation files.
	(-) Quit even if saving to PopTray.ini fails.
	(-) Save preview font style and charset.
	(-) Balloon on Win9x while minimized.
	(-) QuickHelp showed behind form when "Stay on Top" was ticked.
	(-) "Stay on Top" flash to rules tab, when checking, removed.
	(-) Info column width saving was wrong.
	(-) Remove rules from PopTray.ini when creating Rules.ini.

3.0 (beta 9)		2003-07-27
	(+) Translation Added: Spanish (Chile).
	(+) Sort by Message Status (message icon).
	(*) Sort menu moved to column Right-Click.
	(*) Replaced "Don't Show Error Dialogs" with "Ignore Connection Errors".
	(*) Scroll rules list while dragging.
	(-) Enable "Del Spam" button when adding spam rule.
	(-) Options heading didn't translate correctly in non-Latin languages.
	(-) Account fields disabled when no accounts defined.
	(-) When re-ordering accounts, timer intervals weren't swapped.

3.0 (beta 8)		2003-07-13
	(+) Installer: Get possible PopTray 2.x installed directory.
	(*) AutoSize option checkboxes.
	(*) Save Info window column widths.
	(-) AccessViolation when blank lines in header.
	(-) Delete Rule didn't refresh details display.
	(-) Don't minimize when Execute Program fails.
	(-) Don't show error dialogs in Win9x while minimized.
	(-) Translate "All Accounts" in rules criteria.
	(-) Bug when translation file missing.

3.0 (beta 7)		2003-06-29
	(+) Installer: Close running PopTray before installation.
	(+) Installer: Remember sections selected.
	(+) Installer: Option to uninstall configuration files.
	(+) Shift-Click mouse actions.
	(+) New mouse actions: "Mark as Viewed", "Check First Account".
	(+) Added Command-line option /QUIT.
	(*) Mark selected messages as spam when creating delete/spam rule.
	(*) Select all text on From,To,Subject in Preview.
	(-) Scroll-bars when window too small to show account details.
	(-) Clicking delete while still busy checking.
	(-) Space-bar on message shows preview.

3.0 (beta 6)		2003-06-22
	(+) Allow wildcards in White/Black List.
	(+) Added "Delete Spam" mouse action.
	(*) Only show enabled accounts in Info summary.
	(*) Ctrl-Tab switch tabs on Preview.
	(*) Updated help file.
	(-) AccessViolation when canceling options.
	(-) Save/Cancel buttons enabled when showing plug-ins.
	(-) Canceling the adding of a new account.
	(-) Selecting rules with keyboard didn't work.

3.0 (beta 5)		2003-06-16
	(+) Command-line Options to execute Actions.
	(+) New mouse action: "Toggle Sound".
	(*) Shift-Click on "Check" will not do a QuickCheck.
	(*) Ask to overwrite when saving and already exists.
	(-) Incorrect handle on "Run E-Mail Program" displayed random window.
	(-) Default extension (.eml, .txt, .msg) when saving.
	(-) Prevent false dragging when slow in redrawing.

3.0 (beta 4)		2003-06-01
	(+) Drag-and-Drop re-ordering of accounts.
	(+) Drag-and-Drop re-ordering of rules.
	(+) Suspend Sound toggle on right-click menu.
	(*) Internal: Changed Accounts from dynamic array to collection.
	(*) Internal: Changed Rules from dynamic array to collection.
	(*) Proportional resize of three buttons on mail tab.
	(*) Combination mail status icons possible.
	(-) Progress meter mis-aligned.
	(-) Advanced Info didn't close after specified interval.
	(-) Deleting account could corrupt rule account criteria.
	(-) Unregister hot-key when selecting "None";

3.0 (beta 3.1)		2003-05-26
	(-) Access Violation when translating popup menu.

3.0 (beta 3)		2003-05-25
	(+) Translations Added (Chinese).
	(*) Play only one notification when new mail in multiple accounts.
	(*) Advanced Info with drop shadow (on WinXP).
	(*) Changed setup bitmaps.
	(-) Time Separator forced to ":".
	(-) Info Balloon didn't popup on a per account timer.
	(-) Disable "Del Spam" button when no spam messages.
	(-) Mail context-menu popup after Column context-menu popup.
	(-) Don't mark as Spam when in White List.
	(-) Mark BlackList messages as ignored.
	(-) Showing Info before accounts loaded caused AccessViolation.

3.0 (beta 2)		2003-05-18
	(+) Restrict checking times (option).
	(*) Switched URLs to poptray.org
	(*) Switched to Nullsoft Installer instead of Inno Setup.
	(*) Save Option/Rules list width.
	(-) AccessViolation with Advanced Info and Balloon Notification.
	(-) Translate "To:" when printing an email.
	(-) Disable protocol when no accounts defined.
	(-) AccessViolation on "Run E-Mail Client" whn no accounts defined.
	(-) Hint blank when using "Rotate TrayIcon" option.
	(-) Wrong account count in hint.
	(-) Esc didn't close Preview window when mailbody had focus.
	(-) Rule Save button enabled when adding new rule.
	(-) AV sometimes when AdvancedInfo "Mark as Viewed" clicked.

3.0 (beta 1)		2003-04-28
	(+) Customizable XP-look Toolbars.
	(+) Remember Viewed Messages.
	(+) Save/Open Attachments.
	(+) XP Theme Support.
	(+) Preview Attachment icons.
	(+) White List & Black List.
	(+) Plug-ins (Notify,Protocol).
	(+) IMAP4 plug-in.
	(+) POP3 over SSL plug-in.
	(+) Quick-Checking only retrieves new message headers.
	(+) Preview Top n lines only (option).
	(+) First wait x seconds before first check (option).
	(+) Snap to Screen Edges.
	(+) Preview shows Decoded and Raw message.
	(+) Save Preview window position (with multiple window support).
	(+) Font Customizable in Preview.
	(+) Preview Read-Only (option).
	(+) TrayIcon indicating busy with Delete.
	(+) Hide Viewed Messages (option + button).
	(+) Import Rules.
	(+) Log Rule Action.
	(+) Multiple selection right-click add to rules.
	(+) Clickable URL links in Preview.
	(+) Right-click add to white/black list.
	(+) Mark as Spam & Delete Spam.
	(+) BlackList mark as Spam (option).
	(+) Info winodow to show new messages and account summary.
	(+) Macros in Rules Execute File (e.g. %SUBJECT%).
	(+) Translations Added (Arabic,Portuguese,Spanish Latin America,Turkish)
	(*) New Look (Icon-Tree) Options.
	(*) New Look Rules.
	(*) New Look Preview (with CC,X-Mailer too).
	(*) Moved rules to different INI file.
	(*) TrueColor TrayIcons on WinXP.
	(*) Account Color on TrayIcon during checking.
	(*) Animated TrayIcon during checking (option).
	(*) From preview, reply with selected body text.
	(*) Removed MixColors option.
	(*) Internal: Changed .mail from dynamic array to collection.
	(-) Sort Languages drop-down.
	(-) Increased mailto: reply to 2000 chars.
	(-) HelpFile when path specified on Command-line.
	(-) Add Account didn't update accounts dropdown in rules.
	(-) Prevent duplicate accounts in Queue.
	(-) After deleting bottom rule, it was still active.
	(-) Use Reply-To header when exists.