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Version History
 (+) New feature
 (*) Changed feature
 (-) Bug fixed

3.1 (beta 8) RC2	2004-12-16
	(+) Translation Added: Lithuanian
	(-) Disable "Delete Account" and "Test Account" when no accounts defined.
	(-) After deleting account you could get "List index out of bounds" error.

3.1 (beta 7) RC1	2004-09-05
	(*) Updated help file by forum user "rdsok".
	(*) Changed History.txt to latest version at the top.
	(*) Added extra method to plug-in interface for ScreenSaver example.
	(-) Advanced Info looked blank (column widths were 0).
	(-) Possibly fixed bug with ToolBar height being wrong on startup.

3.1 (beta 6)	2004-06-20
	(-) AccessViolation when blank lines in header.
	(-) NOT part of a rule row transfered to other rules during rule edit.
	(-) Didn't delete hidden messages (when delete on next check on).
	(-) Don't count ignored messages as spam.
	(-) Allow blank "From (address)" to be marked as spam.
	(-) Invalid Response in POP3 header when clicking stop. (don't send QUIT).

3.1 (beta 5)	2004-04-24
	(+) New Option: "Extra Confirmation when Deleting Protected Messages".
	(-) Ignore Indy "@ Outside Address" error (when not retrieving body).
	(-) Fixed bug with Date Sorting and some date formats.
	(-) Fixed some minor bugs with No Sort option.
	(-) Show Spam marked messages in new mail.
	(-) Show 1.x K in statusbar when more than 999 messages.
	(-) Show "Still busy checking" if click preview while checking.

3.1 (beta 4)	2004-03-28
	(+) Translation Added: Galician
	(+) New Option: "Show Messages while Checking".
	(*) Faster screen updates when using new option (experimental).
	(*) Sort "Spam Last" also sorts deleted last.
	(*) Rule loading/importing code re-structuring.
	(*) Protect existing messages when right-click Add to WhiteList.
	(*) StatusBar changed to show message count next to a status icon.
	(-) Rule rows were copied to wrong rule when row>1 was selected.
	(-) Some minor bugs introduced in beta 3 now fixed.
	(-) Accounts drag-and-drop using left mouse button again.
	(-) During check, show checking trayicon after deleting.
	(-) Don't reset TrayIcon while busy checking and click ShowMessages.
	(-) Error during delete switched off Safe Delete for account.
	(-) Don't show deleted and spam messages in tray and info.
	(-) Continue with checking when Delete fails.
	(-) Fixed false "TimeOut" when previewing quoted-printable messages.
	(-) Wait for +OK from POP3 server when sending QUIT command.
	(-) Some fields were not reset when creating a new rule.

3.1 (beta 3)	2004-03-08
	(-) Fixed bug with adding rules.

3.1 (beta 2)	2004-03-07
	(+) New Option: "Delete Mail only on Next Check".
	(+) Undelete added.
	(+) Add Rule from right-click according to Subject.
	(*) Right-Click Add Rule now creates single rule on multi-selection.
	(*) Improved method for deleting from Preview window.
	(*) Changed Rule drag-and-drop to Right Mouse Button (more stable).
	(*) Added Up/Down buttons to move rules.
	(*) Minor AboutBox changes.
	(-) Status Rule Row with a Not was not working.
	(-) Editing rule row would show previously selected row info.
	(-) Adding new rule kept the previous TrayColor selection.
	(-) Adding a Rule without first clicking a rule.
	(-) Adding a Rule showed previous rule's number of rows.
	(-) Showed numeric status value in rule row instead of description.
	(-) Deleting Rule Row could delete wrong row.
	(-) Rule rows were not always translated.
	(-) Rule Operator (Any Row/All Rows) was not translated.

3.1 (beta 1)	2004-03-03
	(+) Regular Expressions in Rules
	(+) Multiple Rule Rows with boolean operator.
	(+) New Rule Action: Change Tray Color.
	(+) New Rule Area: Message Status.
	(+) Translation Added: Croation