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Version History
 (+) New feature
 (*) Changed feature
 (-) Bug fixed

3.2 2006-09-16
	(+) Released !!
3.2 (beta 5) RC1	2006-05-06
	(+) Switch off Auto-Check when PC is going into Suspend/Standby.
	(*) Ask confirmation to delete protected message from Preview.
	(-) Fixed Access Violation when adding and deleting blank accounts.
	(-) Only scroll to newest message if list not sorted.
	(-) Max Line Length increased to 64kb.

3.2 (beta 4)	2006-01-23
	(-) Installer: Downgraded to NSIS 2.12

3.2 (beta 3)	2006-01-22
	(*) Installer: Updated to NSIS 2.13
	(*) When adding a new row in a rule, scroll to it.
	(*) Scroll to last message in view while checking.
	(-) Access Violation when decoding some subject lines.
	(-) Preview fixed when message has no date in header.
	(-) Ignore second "Uneven size in DecodeToStream" error.

3.2 (beta 2)	2005-10-15
	(+) Added Open Message command to customizable toolbar actions.
	(+) Added Open Message command to preview toolbar.
	(+) Translation Added: Frisian
	(*) Reverted back to Indy 9.0.18
	(*) Installer: Updated to NSIS 2.07
	(*) Show plugin options on double-click.
	(-) Minimize to Tray when clicking icon in TaskBar.
	(-) Small bug with floating-point timer intervals fixed.
	(-) Access Violation fixed when dragging a newly created account.
	(-) Ignore Indy "'$?i' is not a valid integer value" error.

3.2 (beta 1)	2005-07-04
	(+) Customizable glyphs (skin). (see http://forum.poptray.org/)
	(+) Added new rules exe macro: %FROMADDRESS%
	(+) Translations Added: Greek, Valencian
	(*) Updated to Indy 10.0.52
	(*) Installer: Updated to NSIS 2.07
	(*) Allow floating-point numbers for timer intervals (half minutes).
	(-) Fixed bug where notify plugin was called unnecessary.
	(-) Plugins were not properly initialized after a plugin Refresh.