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What's New
What's New in PopTray 2.1
With eleven months of beta testing PopTray 2.1 is now very stable and many new features and enhancements have been added since version 2.0.

Some of the most significant changes are:
  • Translated into Multiple Languages
    With the help of many volunteers PopTray is now translated into more than 20 languages. Translation is done by just creating a text file than contains the translated phrases found in blank.ptlang. Volunteers for new languages are welcome to send me their translations, and it will be added to the next version of PopTray.
  • Specify E-Mail Program per Account
    You can now assign a different e-mail client to each account.
  • Specify POP3 port
    Using the syntax "server:port" you can now specify a different POP3 port. Mostly used for proxy server access to your mail server.
  • Preview Enhancements
    New buttons on the Preview screen adds the following features:
    • Print - Prints the current previewed message to your default printer.
    • Reply - Reply to the current message using your default e-mail client. If the MAPI option is used, the original message will be quoted in the reply.
    • Delete - When the Safe Delete option is used you can delete the message from the server directly from the preview window.
  • New Options
    The options tab now has a quick help button that will give a short description of the option.
    The following new options have been added:
    • Quick Checking - If your mail server supports the UIDL command, this option will speed up checking by first looking if anything changed on the server. If nothing changed, then it won't download all the headers again.
    • Balloon Notification - On Windows 2000 / XP / ME a balloon hint will pop-up to show when new mail arrives.
    • User-defined Connection TimeOut - For slow servers or slow connections, you might want to increase the time to try connecting, before give a connection error.
    • MAPI instead of "mailto:" - Simple Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) is a DLL supplied with some mail clients for easy interfacing to the mail client. If your mail program supports Simple MAPI, it will give PopTray more features in communicating with your mail client. Advantages include quoting the entire message body when replying from the preview screen and sending attachments (by dropping files on PopTray).
    • Safe Delete - Using the POP3 UIDL command (if supported by your server), PopTray will first check the ID of the message before deleting it. This ensures that it is still the same message on the server, and that you don't delete a different message by mistake.
  • Rules Enhancements
    The rules system has been changed as follows:
    • NOT Contains - You can now create rules that check that an area doesn't contain the specified text.
    • Specify Account - Specify that a rule only checks a specific account, or all accounts.
    • New Messages Only - Only apply the rule if it's the first time the message is encountered.
    • Important Messages - Marking a message as important will display a different icon in the message list, and a balloon (Windows 2000 / XP / ME) will pop-up when such a message arrives.
  • Sample Sound Files included
    To save you some time searching the Net for notification sounds, or recording your own, PopTray now includes a few WAV files for notification. Higher quality sound files can also be downloaded from the PopTray web site. Thanks to Nelinha for lending me her voice.

For more details about PopTray changes, see History.txt.

The Future of PopTray
For hints on where the development of PopTray is heading in the future, regularly check the forums at http://forum.crause.co.za.