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What's New
What's New in PopTray 3.0
New features and enhancements added since version 2.1.

Some of the most significant changes are:
  • XP Look
    All toolbars and buttons now look more like Windows XP applications. All icons are true color (including the tray icon). The PopTray controls now also support XP themes.
  • Plug-ins
    PopTray 3.x now supports plug-ins. These are DLLs copied into your plugins directory for more functionality in PopTray. PopTray 3.0 supports two types of plugins: Protocol and Notify. Example plugins (like IMAP4, POP3SSL, Hotmail) are available for download from the PopTray website.
  • Attachments
    The preview screen now has proper support for attachments. It will list them with icons, and you can save them to disk.
  • White List / Black List
    Quickly list your friends and enemy email address. Messages from anyone in the black list will be deleted (or marked as spam) without you having to create a rule. Mail from people in the white list will be protected against auto-deletion.
  • Customizable Toolbars
    There are three fully customizable toolbars (mail,accounts,rules). Use drag-and-drop to add and remove buttons from the toolbar.
  • Options new look
    The options screen has been redesigned with a tree-view to break the options into logical divisions.
  • New Options
    The following new options have been added:
    • Remember viewed Messages - Poptray will remember when you've viewed a message and save the IDs to disk so it will be saved even after quiting the program.
    • Quick Checking - Quick Checking has been improved a lot. With this option only new message headers will be downloaded.
    • Advanced Show Info - This will popup a info window showing all new messages since your last check. Also show a summary of all your accounts, and includes buttons to quickly run your email client or ignore the new mail.
    • Hide Viewed Messages - This is handy for people the leave their messages on the server and don't want the PopTray window cluttered with old messages.
    • Don't Check between - Specify the hours that you want to automatically disable checking in PopTray.
    • Retrieve Body while Checking - Usefull when you have fast connection. The complete body can be checked by the rules, and also external Bayesian filters can analize your message body.
  • Command-line Options
    PopTray now supports calling actions from the command-line for powerful scheduling options.

For more details about PopTray changes, see History.txt.

The Future of PopTray
For hints on where the development of PopTray is heading in the future, regularly check the forums at http://forum.poptray.org.