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What's New
What's New in PopTray 3.1
New features and enhancements added since version 3.0.3

Some of the most significant changes are:
  • Enhanced Rules
    The new enhancements allows the following:
    • Multiple Rule Rows - Each rule can now have multiple rows for its criteria allowing you to group similar criteria together with boolean logic. By grouping criteria, you can make the rule fire if any criteria match or only when all criteria match.
    • New Rule Area: Regular Expressions - You can now may use powerful regular expressions to create very flexible and/or more precise rules.
    • New Rule Area: Message Status - Allows you to create rules for messages that are identified as Protected, To be Deleted, Ignored, Spam, Important, Has Attachment, Viewed or New.
    • New Rule Action: Change Tray Color - Will change the message count icon color in the tray from the default color for that account to the new one you've selected for this rule.
    • Changed Rule Drag-and-Drop method - Changed Rule drag-and-drop to the right mouse button to limit the accidental reordering of Rules.
    • Added Up/Down Buttons to Reorder the Rules - Up/Down Buttons added for reordering the Rules lists.
    • Restructured the rule importing/loading

  • Mail Window Enhancements
    The following enhancements have been added:
    • Undelete Mail - Messages marked for deletion can be unmarked so they won't be deleted. This only works in conjuction with the new option 'Delete Mail only on Next Check'.
    • Easily Create Rules based on Subject with a Right-Click - You may now easily create a rule based on subject in addition to the sender with a simple right-click on the mouse.
    • Create a Single Rule with Multiple Criteria with a Right-Click - You may now easily create a single rule with multiple criteria rows based on subjects or senders with a simple right-click on the mouse.
    • Improved Delete from Preview Window - The method used to delete a message from the Preview windows has been improved.
    • Sort Spam Last also sorts Deleted Last - The Sort Spam Last option now also Sorts Deleted items Last. This only works in conjuction with the new option 'Delete Mail only on Next Check'.
    • Protect Existing Messages when added to Whitelist with a Right-Click - Messages are now protected immediately when added to the whitelist with a right-click instead of after the next mail check.
    • Status Bar Enhanced - The status bar now shows a message count next to a status icon.
    • Simple Skin Support - PopTray.skin is a bitmap so you can edit the toolbar glyphs.

  • New Options Added
    The following new options have been added:
    • Delete Mail only on Next Check - PopTray will only mark messages for deletion instead of deleting them immediately. This allows time to make changes to the selections and also uses your internet connection more efficiently. The next time after PopTray checks for new messages, PopTray will finally delete the selected messages from the e-mail server.
    • Show Messages while Checking - PopTray will now list new messages as it learns about them instead of waiting to diplay them after the mail check finishes.
    • Extra Confirmation when Deleting Protected Messages - PopTray can now request an additional confirmation when deleting a protected message to ensure that is what you want done.

  • Now More Translations Included
    Poptray's UI (user interface) now has over 35 translations with the help of many volunteers. Translations are simply created by adding the translated phrase next to the original phrases found in blank.ptlang. Volunteers for new languages are welcome to send me their translations, and it will be added to the next version of PopTray. The latest translations added are:
    • Croatian
    • Galician
    • Lithuanian

  • Minor Changes
    Some of the other changes:
    • Faster Screen Updates.
    • Minor AboutBox changes.

For more details about PopTray changes, see the History.txt in the Poptray directory.

The Future of PopTray
For hints on where the development of PopTray is heading in the future, regularly check the forums at http://forum.poptray.org.